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Member Privilege

From 2022/06/01, every valid bet you make will be automatically accumulated by the system. When the accumulated amount reaches a certain standard, it can be automatically upgraded to a higher level VIP.The higher the VIP level, the more preferential activities you can participate in and the more bonuses you can get. Platform will continue to launch more preferential activities to reward new and old members.

Example:Member a has accumulated effective bets of 100,000 since opening an account and can be promoted to VIP3 (18+38+88=144 promotion prizes can be obtained), and 300,000 effective bets can be generated to be promoted to vip4 (18+38+88+188=332 promotion bonus), the more valid bets generated, the higher the VIP level, and the more VIP discounts and privileges you can enjoy!

Your valid bets on the day will be counted the day after tomorrow, and your VIP level will be updated and promotion bonuses will be issued at that time.

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