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          22FUN Ranking Tournament

          1st 20,000

          2nd 15,000

          3rd 12,000

          4th 10,000

          5th 8,000

          6th to 10th 5,000

          11th to 20th 3,000

          21th to 30th 2,000

          31th to 40th 1,500

          41th to 50th 1,288

          51th to 60th 1,088

          61th to 70th 888

          71th to 80th 688

          81th to 90th 588

          91th to 100th 388

          101th to 110th 288

          111th to 120th 188

          121th to 130th 158

          131th to 140th 138

          141th to 150th 100